Our objective is to understand your unique needs, challenges, and goals to provide tailored advice that aligns with your best interests.

Landlord Representation

SRA specializes in providing top-notch landlord representation retail leasing services. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping landlords maximize the value of their retail properties. With our in-depth market knowledge and extensive industry relationships, we work diligently to secure high-quality tenants that align with your property's vision and objectives.

From strategic marketing to lease negotiations, we handle every step of the leasing process with tailored advice. Our goal is to lease vacancies, optimize rental income, and enhance the overall value of your retail property. With our landlord representation services, you can trust that we have your best interests in mind.



We understand that as a Landlord, the process of owning and leasing retail space can be challenging and costly. That's why we provide comprehensive assistance. SRA is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complexities of the retail industry which is ever-changing.

Finding the right tenants is crucial for building a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between the Landlord, the Tenant, and the community. However, retail real estate is so much more than just leasing. We believe attention to detail is important across the board when navigating tenants, traffic patterns, competition, property management, and debt.



We understand the importance of finding the right match between landlords and restaurant tenants to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial leasing arrangement.

With our deep understanding of the restaurant market, we assist landlords in attracting quality tenants who will complement their property and contribute to its success. We search for the best operator and creditworthiness who best aligns with the overall market, considering key factors such as consumer demographics and competitive voids. Once we locate the prospective tenant, we assist in formulating a lease that is best suited to the client’s needs and goals.


Property Sales

Our retail leasing team is committed to creating value for your retail investments. It is up to the right investment sales team to help monetize that value. We have developed strong relationships with the best-in-class retail investment sales teams, allowing us to form strategic partnerships based on the perfect fit for your assignment.

By collaborating with the right team, we provide a comprehensive approach that combines our leasing and local market expertise with the sales and national proficiency of these industry leaders. Together, we unlock the full potential of your retail investments, delivering exceptional results and maximizing your returns.


Development & Redevelopment

SRA has been instrumental in numerous ground-up retail developments and redevelopments throughout Southern California. With our extensive experience, we assist every step of the way, from thoughtful site evaluation and initial drawings to successful tenant openings.

Every developer or landlord has specific needs in evaluating retail center sites. Strategic Retail Advisors' development expertise and professionalism provides rapid and precise direction based on a 5-stage analysis.

Developer Services

Every developer or landlord has specific needs in evaluating shopping center sites or existing shopping centers. Strategic Retail Advisors' development expertise and professionalism provides rapid and precise direction based on a 5-stage analysis.


Site Evaluation

The brokers at Strategic Retail Advisors are experts in the evaluation of land for its development potential. That evaluation includes, but is not limited to: ingress and egress issues, zoning, and traffic analysis. We also provide in-depth competitive analysis, including retailer placement within the given trade area and comprehensive demographic analysis.


Financial Analysis

Once a site is determined to be a viable development opportunity, Strategic Retail Advisors provides financial models for various types of potential developments. We implement our data regarding development costs, along with our market comp database as the foundation for our financial proformas.


Site Planning

Strategic Retail Advisors has relationships with many of the most highly regarded architectural firms in California. We can recommend experienced architects, depending on the product type, to work with the developer in creating a leasable site plan. We ensure that a site plan works for the tenancy desired to maintain long-term occupancy.


Merchandising Mix

Once a site plan is ready for exposure to the retailer community, SRA develops the desired tenant mix, based on market void analysis. This enables the developer to maximize rents and, just as importantly, the retailer to maximize sales, ensuring long-term viability for both parties. With SRA's experience, a desired merchandising plan can be developed for all properties ranging from neighborhood shopping centers to entertainment centers.


Leasing & Operations

SRA will aggressively market the center with speed and conviction. We believe that creating meaningful Letters of Intent is imperative to cover important lease issues. This ensures the developer that deal point issues are not re-negotiated once a lease draft has been crafted. We also assist in setting CAM budgets and developing appropriate CC&R's. Finally, SRA has strategic alliances with several property management firms to assist the developer in planning the operational phase of the project once it is leased and constructed.


Tenant Representation

SRA offers exceptional tenant representation retail leasing services. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to assisting tenants in finding the perfect retail space for their business. We understand that finding the right location is crucial for the success of your retail venture. With our extensive network and market knowledge, we guide you through the entire leasing process, from identifying suitable properties to negotiating favorable lease terms.

Our tenant representation services are designed to prioritize your needs and goals. We conduct thorough market research, provide valuable insights, and advocate for your best interests to secure the ideal retail space that aligns with your vision.

Occupier Services

SRA has assisted many tenants find the ideal space that aligns with concept, location preferences, consumer demographics, and business goals. We understand the challenging and competitive landscape to find the ideal site. Our team aims to identify several opportunities that are a fit with the client’s best interests in mind. Once the right space has been located, we assist in lease negotiations ensuring a lease that is sustainable and suitable to the client’s needs and goals.

Every retail occupier considers a unique set of criteria when evaluating potential store locations. Strategic Retail Advisors helps in these decisions by providing analysis based on four basic building blocks.


Market Knowledge

Our daily participation and extensive experience in the Southern California marketplace instantly provides your company with market information critical to making the most rapid and precise decisions possible. Our services include: customer profiles, trade area trends, competition evaluations, growth pattern analysis, trade area traffic patterns, tenant mix strategies, demographic profiles, along with rent and sale comps, and more.


Customer Profile

SRA is committed to understanding your customer profile and how your company is positioned to compete in the marketplace. SRA works closely with your operations and merchandising departments to gain a complete understanding of the important aspects of your business and that of your competitors. We endeavor to become part of your team, holding all matters concerning your business in the strictest of confidence.



Our desire is to create long-term relationships with our clients. Finding and securing the right location is only the start of our assignment on your behalf - SRA also becomes an advocate for your company. We provide assistance with lease proposals and negotiations, site planning, municipal consulting, advertising recommendations, counsel regarding warehousing and transportation issues, construction referrals and much more.


Store Strategies

Successful site selection involves input from a large number of sources. This process should be directed by a long-term store placement strategy and assessment of sales volume potentials, not just by picking from available locations. SRA's strength is in assisting you in making informed real estate decisions. We provide the most comprehensive trade area data to assist you in developing a sound store strategy.